Cyclades Greece
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Sifnos Island

During your stay in Sifnos it is worthwhile to explore the island and experience its beauties. It is part of the Southwest Cyclades and is located between Serifos, Kimolos and Paros. It has a long history and has significant attractions. As in all the Cycladic islands, as in Sifnos you will find many churches. It is worth attending a traditional feast.
Throughout the year a variety of cultural events are organized throughout the island. In recent years the MuSifanto festival, which takes place every July in Sifnos, attracts many visitors. Many well-known Greek and foreign musicians participate in the festival. The purpose of the music festival is to promote Sifnos to a cultural destination. The program includes concerts of classical mainly music, lectures and seminars.
Meet the villages and the beaches of the island. Apollonia, which will charm you with its traditional settlement. Here is the heart of the night life of Sifnos. Kamares that is also the port of the island, Exambela with the traditional settlement, Faro with the small picturesque harbor, the Castle with the medieval settlement. Swim in Platis Gialos with the long beach. Visit the promontory of Chrysopigi and the homonymous monastery that is also patron saint of the island. And so many other beautiful villages, beaches, sights you will meet on your way and will fill you with pleasant feelings.