Artemonas Sifnos


SPITHAS STUDIOS & APARTMENT is located in Artemonas, one of the most beautiful villages in Sifnos. It is just 1.5 km from Apollonia and is ideal for a quiet stay. It combines the close proximity to the capital of the island, where most entertainment centers, restaurants, cafes and shops are located with the peaceful countryside setting. Our complex is 500 m away from the main square of Artemonas and the bus stop.
Within walking distance of our complex, is the beginning of some of the traditional trails offering unforgettable walks to the walkers in nature. It is worth doing such a walk. We suggest that you follow the path leading to Panagia Poulati. The church was built in 1870 between the rocks overlooking the endless blue. It stands out for its architecture and special location.
Artemonas stands out for its prestigious appearance, as most mansions and neoclassical villas, gardens and flower-covered courtyards are found here. Touring the village will amaze you. The natural beauty of the area and the combination of Cycladic architecture and neoclassical elements give the settlement a unique character.
At the top of the hill you will see the lanes with the old windmills. Two of them have been restored. The rest of the ruined are part of the scenery of another era. In the streets of the village you will see the house that the poet Ioannis Gryparis was born and you will visit the churches of the Panagia of the Conch with its special architecture, Panagia of the Ammos with the rare icon of Panagia and Panagia of Bali where the icon has come on the island from Crete. According to the tradition on the site where today’s Virgin Mary of the Conch is built, there was a temple at the ancient times dedicated to the worship of the goddess Artemis, from which the village also took its name.
Artemona has pottery workshops, from which you will buy wonderful traditional ceramics and patisseries that make the famous Sifnian sweets.
In Artemonas every September is hosted the Cycladic Cuisine Festival “Nikolaos Tselementes” with participations of cooks, musicians and traditional dance groups from the islands of the Cyclades and all over the country.
And if you are a fan of tradition, you can visit the Folklore Exhibition that works in a traditional house next to Panagia of Bali entitled “We in our Houses – Giannis Atsonios” and to see how the houses and the household were in old age.